Circuit Solar Delivery Checklist

At Circuit Solar, we strive to ensure that every delivery is punctual, complete, and free from damage. However, despite our efforts, damage may occur during transit. You can assist in mitigating the impact of such occurrences by utilizing our Delivery Checklist.

In the event of damage or shortage in an order, it is imperative to take immediate action by documenting the damage or shortage on the delivery receipt.

Failure to notate damages on the delivery receipt will hinder Circuit Solar’s ability to file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. By signing the delivery receipt, you acknowledge assuming responsibility for the materials in their current condition, which may include damages, shortages, or incorrect items.

Outlined below are recommended practices for receiving a shipment:

  1. Capture photographs of the pallets as they are being unloaded from the truck.
  2. Conduct a thorough inspection of the pallet, paying close attention to the following:
    • Panels
      • Are any panels missing?
      • Are there any damages to the pallet feet?
      • Is there visible damage such as dents or punctures in the packaging?
      • Unwrap and inspect as many panels as feasible for damage.
      • Are any corner clips on the pallet missing, broken, or loose?
      • Does the pallet appear unbalanced?
      • Ensure that both top and bottom panels are intact and free from damage. Check for visible glass shards.
      • If damage is observed, note it on the delivery receipt before signing, and then capture photos of each damaged panel along with their serial numbers.
    • Rails
      • Are any rails missing?
      • Are the ends of the rails damaged or bent?
      • Is the wrapping and plastic on the rails torn?
      • If damage or shortage is identified, document it on the delivery receipt prior to signing and take accompanying photos.
  3. For all other pallets/equipment:
    • Retrieve the packing slip and conduct a quick inventory:
      • Is the quantity correct?
      • Do the item numbers match?
    • If multiple shipments are being received, cross-reference the tracking numbers from the shipped order confirmation email with the associated products for each shipment.
    • If you are receiving an order from FedEx, Purolator, UPS or any other shipping method with multiple packages, verify the tracking numbers on the website under “multiple shipments” or reach out to us at or 1-877-352-5396 for assistance.


  • Mark the delivery receipt as “damaged” or “short” while the driver is present.
  • If unable to inspect upon delivery, note “concealed damage” on the delivery receipt to account for potential hidden damages.
  • Capture photos of each damaged item and their respective serial numbers.
  • Notify our Returns team at [insert contact email] or call [insert phone number] for immediate assistance.
  • For further information, please consult our Returns & Replacements Policy.